À La Carte



Scotch Egg
Black pudding scotch egg wrapped in sage flavoured sausage meat on a bed of lightly roasted garlic mayo.

Baked individual Camembert served with crunchy ciabatta
and red onion jam.

Crispy Squid
Crispy coated squid  topped with a crunchy Asian slaw
and a spicy sriracha dip.

Stuffed Jalapeño
Bucket of stuffed jalapeno peppers with cool creamy cheese in a
tortilla chip breadcrumb, served with sour cream and fresh lime.

Veg Spring Rolls
Crunchy veg spring rolls with a sweet plumb dip.


Sirloin Steak
28 day matured sirloin steak with house cut fries, pea shoot
salad and red wine jus.

Slow Braised Brisket
Slow braised brisket steak, in a rich red wine sauce with shallots and
button mushrooms on e bed of creamy mash.

Hand Made Ravioli
Delicate ravioli  filled with tender asparagus and creamy mascarpone tossed together in a sage butter.

Nasi Goreng
Indonesian fried rice tossed with crunchy Asian veg topped
with a fried egg  and crispy Asian vegetables.
Optional to add chicken and /or prawns.

Duck Breast
Pan fried chicken supreme layed over sauteed new potatoes and
tender stem broccoli with a lemon butter sauce.

All prices include VAT at 20%.
10% Service charge will be added to groups larger than 5.
Selection of desserts also available.
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